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From: Shirine Nujjoo a recipient of a Pop It Lock via a home safety equipment project:

I was introduced to the Pop-it lock by my local fire safety department who run a 'home-safety equipment scheme'. They fitted the pop-it lock on our cleaning cupboard, to keep my then 18 month old out and away from the harmful chemicals stored in there. We have been using it for 9 months and find it very sturdy, and easy to use. My daughter is now 2 years old and can reach the cutlery draw, full of an array of sharp utensils. So I ordered another lock directly from Kid Rapt Ltd.

The service was really friendly and amazingly quick, it’s been a long time since I have had such reliable and helpful service. The lock itself was simple to fit, even for me, which is saying a lot! I couldn't recommend them enough.

From: Courtney Law – Outreach Worker – Darton Children’s Centre, Barnsley: I have recently liaised with Kid Rapt to gather resources and donations for the Children’s Centre I work in at Darton, Barnsley. Our Children's Centre supports and guides families with children under 5; specifically families with disadvantaged backgrounds. For Child Safety Week (23rd – 29th June 2014) we will be talking to parents and children about all aspects of safety as well as promoting safety products, businesses and projects. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness Kid Rapt have shown us and cannot praise them enough!
From: a Designated Doctor for Unexpected Deaths (DDUD) in the West Midlands: Your newsletter is a really helpful mine of information that keeps me up-to-date with some of the latest prevention campaigns around the UK and in other parts of the world. It provides a useful resource that our Child Death Overview Panel and Children Safeguarding Boards can use to guide policy and our local prevention campaigns
From: Derbyshire Community Health Services, Safety First for Kids:

We are an established low cost child safety equipment scheme and have been dealing with Kid Rapt Ltd for a number of years. We appreciate their professional approach to the services they provide and have always found staff extremely helpful, nothing is too much trouble. Well done Kid Rapt Ltd.

Glynis and Jill 2012

From: The Harbour Children's Centre:

We have just recently purchased some Tiny First Aid Kits for our new Baby Bags and are over the moon with the quality and affordable price of this product, only £2.50 per kit! It has been a pleasure dealing with Penny at Kid Rapt and we will definitely be coming back again to re-order other products in the future.

Thank you.

From: Philippa Renton:

I have recently purchased some child safety cupboard locks and window locks from your company after finding out about the Pop-It lock.

As a mother of 19 month old mischievous twin girls and a third baby on the way I cannot more highly recommend the style called the Pop-It Cupboard Lock and also the Baby Dan Window Lock. I have tried various other types from different Internet websites and they were hopeless in comparison. The twins even managed to open some of the cupboards with these child locks on them!

Pop It locks are the way forward. They can also be left off at night when the children have gone to bed. A definite must in any house with toddlers!

From: Karen Kennedy Health Development Officer Manchester Care & Repair Ltd:

I have mentioned in the past, but just to say again, I find your emails imperative to running a child accident prevention project. I do not forward the email on to anyone else, however new information together with your website is relayed in my training sessions with professionals.

Keep up the invaluable work.

From: Kaneez Zaidi: Pre-school Learning Alliance, Ealing Sub-Committee - Training & Communications Coordinator We are a childcare charity. I circulate your emails to our five nurseries, 3 development workers - who cascade the information down to nurseries, children's centres and Baby & Toddler groups in Ealing (84 nurseries/children centres and 56 b & t groups). This is also sent to 4 other members of staff who have various roles. We complete a quarterly newsletter 'Alliance News', which is developed around the five outcomes of Every Child Matters and at times may have information from your website. This goes out all over Ealing via email.
From: Diane Lumley in West Lothian:

During the time I have co-ordinated the Staysafe West Lothian Project I have found Kid Rapt to be invaluable. All the staff are helpful and friendly. The safety packs are great value. The monthly newsletters are very informative. And any additional information e.g. sourcing of medicine boxes or safety information on whirligigs/rotary washing lines I've required has always been very thorough and prompt.

Thanks for all your help and support over the years.

From: A Client's Scheme in Southampton:

Please can I just say a big thank you for the links you have been sending via email – they are extremely useful with lots of information but just as importantly highlights documents that I might otherwise not look at just through lack of time to do the initial research.

If I can give you some background about us. At Sure Start Central we have a team of 7 Family Support Workers that I line manage and we offer all families in SO14 a Home Safety Check BEFORE their babies are mobile usually around 6months.

Using health data we are able to identify babies born in a particular month and we contact them either by phone or calling at the home to arrange a visit. The team will leave a contact card for families to ring in for a check if they are not at home when we call. The team has a monthly target of 20 Home Safety Visits to achieve and is reviewed as a part of our Service Level Agreement. As well as Home Safety the Family Support Workers signpost to other services and remind families of local Sure Start activities.

At this check we follow a basic checklist that identifies a variety of risks within the home; we take some freebies in the form of cupboard catches and door jammers etc..alongside the books “Now I am a Baby I Can” The Health Visitors will also follow up with a Safety Gate referral when the babies are 8 months old and attending their developmental assessments, each year we supply and the City Council fit up to 100 gates.

Parents are able to self refer at any time, Home Safety is regularly promoted at Let’s Play Together & Baby Play sessions All our small equipment is purchased through Kid Rapt and I am regular receipt of the Newsletter. This Newsletter keeps us in touch with the national initiatives and the NICE guidelines that I printed off from your site are integrated into our Home Safety Ofsted evidence file. Other links that are identified through your Newsletter have provoked some interesting discussions in our Management team as there are clear links in what we are trying to achieve here in a Sure Start Children’s Centre sited in the inner city with only 20% of our population being white British – the remaining 20% being from BME communities with many living in accommodation that is inadequate with issues such as overcrowding, poor repairs and HMO’s. Health inequalities are evident in the local community with language being a key barrier to accessing services from a variety of agencies.

From: a recipient of the National ‘Safe at Home’ child safety project facilitated locally by the National Children’s Centre in Huddersfield The supplying project said about Kid Rapt – ‘We were always impressed with your friendly and professional help and support throughout the scheme answering our queries and especially accommodating our requests for certain delivery times’
From: A recipient of the equipment by a project - Sarah’s approach to Kid Rapt directly:

I have been provided your details by my local Sure Start centre. I have recently had your cupboard locks fitted to my property via a local scheme when my daugther was five months old as part of a home safety pack which included safety gates, a fireguard and a bath mat. I am very pleased with all the equipment, but to cut a long story short, I now need a replacement plastic round cover for one of the cupboard locks! The cream plastic 'bauble' that attaches to the lock fitting is no longer with us and I fear that if I cannot get a replacement my sanity will not be long after it. I have attempted to use another cupboard lock, but to be fair the ones you guys provide seem to only child safe ones out there as others have led to many a finger trapping injury. I have been to great lengths to obtain one of these (including offering money to a friend who has one!) and would be ecstatically grateful if you can help.Ii have absolutely no problem if there will be a charge for this....I appreciate from your website that you do not generally supply directly to the public but I am in fact literally begging!

Many, many thanks and kind regards, Sarah Ibbetson (and Ruby who may never learn to stay out of the cupboards)

From: Carol Edgington - Home Safety Scheme Co-ordinator, Newcastle Children's Centre: Could I take this opportunity to thank you for the Newsletters I receive every month. They are very informative and I try to pass on as much information as possible to our parents. I would like to add how helpful, efficient and friendly the staff always are. It makes such difference to know that you will help with any query. Many thanks
From: Janet Laidler – Project Manager at ETEC Development Trust in Sunderland with responsibility for various children’s services including the delive  Working with Kid Rapt – My Experience: ‘In my dealings with Kid Rapt, which now span several years, I have been constantly impressed by the excellent customer service I have received. Not only are the staff incredibly helpful and pleasant, but the knowledge of all things related to child safety available in the company is second to none. Whilst Kid Rapt is undoubtedly a business, it is clear that there is more to the operation than commercial interest. The monthly newsletter and regular email communications provide a wealth of information and guidance, invaluable to those of us for whom child safety is but one aspect of our role. I know I can rely on Kid Rapt to keep me informed of any developments in the child safety field and I cannot recommend them highly enough.’
From: a client in Perth:  In Perth & Kinross the Childcare Strategy Team have placed our home safety equipment orders with Kid Rapt over the last 5 years. In that time the staff have been very efficient in processing the orders right through to the delivery. The staff are all very professional and happy to advise and help in any aspect of the equipment and delivery. Then there are the newsletters and articles that are so useful in keeping up to date with the safety updates that are emerging nationally. Thank you Kid Rapt for your great service look forward with confidence my next equipment order.
From: Jane Stark – Wakefield Health Improvement Practitioner Specialist – Accidents:  I just wanted to say a massive thank you for finding and providing practical solutions to real problems encountered by our parents and carers. I’ve had so much excellent feedback about the products you’ve sourced; they’ve been invaluable to improving the safety for children and young people. You’ve helped me so much over the last year or so and I truly value your advice and product recommendations. Thank you!!
From: a recipient of our products, a lady called Jan-Claire Drury although we don’t supply direct to the public we couldn’t let this lady down:  ‘Hi, I was given one of your bath thermometers (shape of a duck, thin plastic) 16 months ago when my son was born. All I can say is it has been absolutely fantastic! Unfortunately, last week it broke (not a bad lifespan). I have been to major retailers in the high street and purchased two different styles now and although they look more impressive, neither of them work.. I only wish you sold them in the big stores as they are much better than the rest on the market. Is there any way I can purchase another two from you?’
From: one of our clients in Burton on Trent:  May I take this opportunity to say “thank you” to you and your colleagues for the kind, valuable support, advice and notes you have provided us with over the past year and beyond. I cannot express how valuable the information you provide has been, when supporting our families in the community. Heartfelt thanks.
From: one of our clients in the Lincolnshire area:  Your excellent service needs to be congratulated! I just wanted to ask if you could email me at home for the time being, until I start my new job, as I do not want to lose my email connection with yourself or your fantastic newsletters and updates on child safety. I have been ordering child safety equipment and using your excellent service through Sure Start and the Children Centre as their home safety worker for the last 9 years!! I am leaving my post here but we made a large order and had it delivered before I left and they know to continue to use your company in future! My home safety scheme has grown within my time here and I am very proud of it and the fact that more children will have the opportunity to live safe in their own homes.
From: one of our clients in Glasgow:  Just a short note to say Kidrapt are a very dependable and supportive company and the staff are always quick to help in any way. Our service has been saved from a few sticky moments thanks to Carol and Penny being prompt and organising our equipment to be delivered the next day, all the equipment is of a great standard and very easy to use. A very big thank you to Carol and Penny at Kidrapt for all their help and support.
From: one of our Northern Ireland Clients:  Just a quick line to say that I have had a look at the pop it lock video and have to say that I think this is an excellent idea. Even for Home Safety Officers trying to decide what is "user friendly" and what requires a bit more DIY knowledge, I think this is definitely a valuable resource.
From: one of our clients in the Ashfield Area:  The Kidrapt newsletters are full of really useful safety information and advice for home safety projects. It is great to be kept up to date on new products and legislations, these newsletters save me the hassle of doing the research myself. I also like the website links where I can go for even more information on statistics etc. Kidrapt offer an excellent range of safety products and it is brilliant that Kidrapt know everything there is to know about the products they are selling. I wouldn't buy my safety gates from any other supplier.
From: Sally Morton - Imps Programme Manager - Manchester Royal Infirmary:  "I would like to congratulate you on the content of your newsletters. It is really difficult when you are busy keeping up to date with what is current in child safety and your newletters are really helping me and my team to do that more easily they are brilliant (so informative, current, etc), so many thanks for all your hard work in helping us in this way. In the December Supplement you said you could e-mail Ken Dunn's powerpoint I would be really interested to receive it please."
From: Jim Oram - Leicester Safe and Healthy Homes Scheme: "The Safe & Healthy Homes scheme was set up in Leicester over eight years after spending some considerable time researching accidents and various schemes that were available at that time providing child safety equipment. We decided on what equipment we needed to reduce accidents to children and then asked various suppliers of child safety equipment to tender for our business, not only looking at the price and the quality of the equipment but also looking at delivery time and storage of equipment. Kid Rapt was by far the best supplier and still remains well ahead of its competitors. In addition Carol Ainge is a leading figure in providing home safety advice, not only to Kid Rapt clients but throughout the Industry. Kid rapt also evaluate equipment and in some cases carry out independent tests on behalf of their clients. With regards to our scheme we undertake individual home safety assessments, identifying hazards within the home and advising clients on how to make their homes safer for their children. We also identify what child safety equipment is required and then arrange for these items to be fitted. We started this approach whilst working within the Sure Start Beaumont Leys and Stocking Farm area of Leicester where we reduced hospital admissions caused by an accident within the home by 35.5%. We now work within nine children's centres throughout Leicester."
From: SureStart Programme Director, Leicestershire:  "I wrote about a year ago complimenting you on your excellent newsletter. Having just read your latest I'm complimenting you again. As a SureStart Programme Director I receive numerous newsletters. Many get scant attention - "Life's too short". But there is no question that the KidRapt newsletter is an exception. It is consistently one of the most interesting and informative of all the ones we receive."
From: one of our clients in Bromley:  "The service you provide is always prompt and excellent - which makes life very much simpler for us!"
From: one of our clients in Halton:  "It has been a great pleasure dealing with your staff and your service has been more than excellent. There have been times when we have desperately needed safety equipment to replenish our stocks and you have all been more than willing to accommodate our requests for last minute requests, which we have found to be a fast, efficient and prompt delivery service. If there has been anything that you have not stocked, we have found that you have always gone out of your way to find that item. We have found your customer service to be of a high professional standard and your monthly Supplement Newsletter is constantly used as an excellent resource tool and full of important, up to date research and information which we utilise within our department on a constant basis. The information you provide has quite often been used on our displays and information posters etc, which has been very helpful at times. Although I am now not covering Home/Child Accidents, I would be grateful if you would please keep me on your mailing list and keep sending me your newsletters, as I feel that I will still make use of the information and this allows me to keep up to date with any new changes that come into effect in the future. Even though I am now covering smoking cessation I believe this will link in with smoking (house fires etc). Once again, many thanks for your help, support and service."
From: our client - Dundee Kiddie Kare Home Safety Equipment Scheme:  "We at Kiddie Kare, a Dundee based child home safety equipent loan scheme, recently decided to design our own safety starter packs. We recognised the value for money of the "Clippasafe" pack, but decided that we wanted better quality locks, an additional door jammer and that we could do without a video lock - hardly a child safety item! We submitted a list of our requirements to Kid Rapt, and Carol very helpfully came back to us with suggested improvements that we were delighted to adopt. Carol then designed for us a leaflet (incorporating our logo) that provided information on the use of the equipent we had selected. We were pleasantly surprised at how little the extra cost was. We would strongly suggest that any similar scheme consider approaching Kid Rapt for advice on designing a tailor-made home safety pack."
From: one of our Sure Start clients:  "I am writing to say thanks to you and your team for all the excellent work you do at Kid Rapt. I find your service to be extremely flexible and friendly, even when I ask you to do the near impossible when I haven't planned ahead enough! I'm sure Penny is a magician! I can't put a value on all the advice and guidance you provide. This makes you much more than just another supplier and I'm sure the service we provide to the public would be much less effective if we didn't have your help. In a world of busy workloads with ever changing developments and research your service makes life that bit easier. I am very grateful for this. Keep up the good work"
From: a Public Health Colleague in the Worthing Area:  'Just a quick email to say how much I appreciate your newsletters and information you send out. I have become part time now in my role so have very little time to attend accident prevention meetings, conferences and read research on various safety topics to enable me to keep up to date - so your newsletters are very useful. I found Tania Hardisty's power point on baby-walkers, very interesting and I will definitely use it with the Health Visitors. It will save a lot of time on a presentation. I have decided to concentrate on Carbon Monoxide next year for Child Safety Week and so your website link and information about Carbon Monoxide will also be very useful. Once again thank you and keep up the good work.'
From: one of our clients in Leicester:  "Thanks for the recent newsletter, as usual there are some really worthwhile articles included. Some of this information would not be easily accessible to us otherwise."
From: one of our clients in Chichester:  "Just to say that I always read your newsletters thoroughly and find the information of very high quality and well put together. It helps me get safety messages out to the people in my District and keeps me up to date with the latest research findings. A pat on the back for such an excellent service. Thank you."
From: a Home Safety colleague in Crewe:  Just wanted to say thank you for you great newsletters, they are always full of useful facts and information and act as a great resource library. Thank you for your time and efforts
From: a Home Safety Colleague in Cleveland:  You have for several years now been kindly sending me your regular newsletter via e.mail to our main office where it is printed off and sent over to me. Might I just mention how very informative and useful I find all the information it contains. I now have the luxury of my own computer complete with e.mail so would be grateful if you could send it directly to me in future. many thanks, keep up the good work!
From: Sarah Chesters - Health Promotion Specialist - Accident Prevention:  I have been involved in Warwickshire PATCHES (Prevention of Accidents To Children Home Equipment Scheme for over four years now and have worked with many safety equipment suppliers. Until I 'discovered' Carol at a child safety conference I thought PATCHES would always beset with various problems. I can honestly say that through KIDRAPT's flexibility in meeting our needs we can now provide our clients with a more cost effective and efficient service. The newsletters are always current, to the point and arm me with the information I need in terms of child safety. I have always found the staff very helpful and they find ways of saving me money which at the end of the day means that more clients can then come through the scheme! So many, many thanks KIDRAPT!
From: our client in Cherwell DC:  "Many thanks for your excellent service. Your staff are always pleasant, helpful and knowledgable about all your products. The newsletters are very useful and comprehensive. Long may you continue!"
From: our RoSPA colleague in Scotland:  "Your information is always straight to the point, and unlike some other newsletters, I never have to sift through pages of vaguely interesting material to get to something useful - you know exactly what your colleagues require. Your genuine interest in safety always shines through!"
From: A Sure Start in Lancashire:  "We find the newsletter very informative in many ways. It provides us with the evidence based info to back up our own findings, and aids in influencing mainstream services. It also makes us not feel alone in our endeavours, to improve safety for children, and provides good web links. Keep up the good work."
From: One of our projects in Stockton:  "It is such a pleasure and a refreshing change, to experience the professional, expert, efficient, dynamic and friendly service that you provide. May you thrive and prosper."
From: Helen Dowds, Home Safety Officer, Strabane District Council:  Thank you very much for the samples and catalogues. I really appreciate your help and advice. I have an order ready to go and I know the service will be of top quality as usual. I must praise your staff highly for such wonderful customer service. I have never experienced such service from any company.
From: SRB Funded Project in Nottingham:  "Thank you so much for the prompt and reliable service you have given us. All the items are now received and I have sent the invoice through for payment. Thanks to you I made the deadline. Once again a big thank you!"
From: Bernie Ineichen - Support Services Coordinator:  "On behalf of all the team at Sure Start Abingdon in Middlesbrough, I would like to formally record our appreciation of the excellent service that Kid Rapt Ltd provides to our home loan safety scheme. All of the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable in the field of child safety, the associated products, and we can rely on your products conforming to the latest standards. Your prompt responses to our requests, no matter how large, small or even sometimes vague, coupled with an excellent catalogue, pre purchase samples, and follow up service, has made your company our main choice of supplier. In our line of work we have many suppliers, but it is our pleasure to state that Kid Rapt is an outstanding company, who we have no hesitation in recommending to any organisation thinking about setting up a similar scheme. Thank you for helping to make our scheme so successful."
From: Sure Start Scheme:  "Kid Rapt has, and continues to be, very supportive and informative in helping us to establish a safety equipment loan scheme. By keeping us up to date on current issues, providing honest opinions on safety products and always having time to listen and advise, they have been a key player in the support we can offer families. The centre team would like to say a big thank you, especially to Carol."
From: One of our projects with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council  "The service Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has received from Kid Rapt for the SMILES home loan of safety equipment has always been of a consistently high standard. Carol and Cathy are always so friendly and helpful. They keep us informed of changes to equipment and any new items which may enhance our project. The SMILES scheme is extremely happy with the level of advice, support and guidance from Kid Rapt. Many thanks."
From: One of our projects in Flintshire:  "Many thanks for the speedy responses to all my queries and questions and particularly for the sample goodies you have sent our scheme. I cannot believe that it is only 3 months since I was first introduced to Kid Rapt. As a complete novice in the field of Home Safety, I have bombarded both Carol and Cathy on a fairly regular basis for advice, suggestions and information. Every time I ring, both are always keen to help and never seem to mind repeating themselves yet again to this complete novice who seems to struggle with making even the most basic of decisions. When our Home Loan Scheme is finally running smoothly, I will try to take all the credit, but if I am honest without the support of Kid Rapt, I would have probably fallen at the first hurdle!"
From: Safe as Houses Project: "Just a few lines to thank you for all your help and support over the past year. May I wish Kid Rapt every success for the future and if I come across any schemes or projects in the near future, I will recommend Kid Rapt and then refer on them on to you."
From: the Annual Report of the Home Safety Action Group:  "We have started to deal with a new equipment company called Kid Rapt. Having experienced a lot of problems with previous companies this new venture has proved to be a good decision. Orders are dealt with promptly and professionally and there is always a representative on hand to provide help and assistance. The company keeps us up to date with regular newsletters and quite often sends out samples of new equipment for us to try out. All round Kid Rapt have proved to be a good move forward for us."
From: one of our projects in Scotland:  "Thanks for the current newsletter could you please post me the information on the home safety congress as I was unable to make it to this but would love anything that was available for information and think this is a great thought from yourselves to offer this to the schemes have a great Christmas at Kidrapt you all deserve it. Happy to be doing business with you all."
From: one of our London Authorities:  "The service we receive from you is second to none, we cannot express enough how highly we recommend your service. You are knowledgeable, very competitively priced and keep us abreast of all relevant information we need to make our purchasing decisions. Whenever we have a call from other schemes just starting up and looking for advice and a reliable supplier, we always recommend they should use Kid Rapt."
From: one of our projects in West Lothian:  "I wonder if you would be kind enough to pass on to your staff my compliments on the exemplary service they have demonstrated recently. I really have been most impressed by Kidrapts' professionalism and standards of service. I have recommended the company to another organisation which is setting up another scheme"
From: one of our clients from the West Midlands:  I just wanted to let you know I do appreciate all the work you do for me and as I said before there would not be a project without the help you have given. I was emailing you today to say thank you for all your help with the sessions. It is lovely to meet someone as passionate at myself about home safety. I think your interest and enthusiasm shows through and is passed on to the audience. I feel this is an invaluable part of the work for my mums to see, and I know you passed on a lot of good advice to them and sparked an even greater interest in home safety I wanted to let you know that I do appreciate all the help you have given to me and the project. I find it really important that I can ring you with any safety queries and you always do your best to help. I rely on your help and will continue to promote your company to others working in the same field. Thanks again"
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