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Your scheme may involve several different training elements. This may be related to completing home based risk assessments, identifying what equipment and practices can be used to deliver your scheme, how to impart the relevant information to the public at the point of delivery and how to install and use the equipment. Some of these courses can be part of a Continuing Professional Development process, in which case you need to have an accredited trainer and a purpose made course.

Other courses may be less formalised, but be very specific to the needs of your particular scheme. Either way, we can help. We can sign post you to organisations like Fit for Safety, RoSPA, CAPT, and Children in Wales all of whom are experienced at delivering the courses you need.

For product specific training and for fitter training relating to the equipment that you have chosen to offer, we can normally incorprate this as part of our scope of supply. More intensive, or multiple sessions may attract a charge. These sessions work well as a familiarisation process for the fitting teams. The aim of the session is to make the team fully aware of all aspects of the equipment before they turn up at someones home to install it. It gives the team an opportunity to learn about the equipment and the rationale behind it being offered. It always generates some useful discussion points around the installations themselves. Many health visitors also benefit from this training as it sets the equipment in context with the advice to give to carers and explains what the limitations may be on the equipment.

Please talk to us for more details.

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