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Information for the Public

Kid Rapt Ltd supplies equipment and services into the local authority and grant funded charitable sector only. This includes bodies within the NHS, Councils and Charities; all of whom are working within accidental injury prevention campaigns.

If you are visiting our site as a member of the public, then we need to redirect you to websites like RoSPA , CAPT and Lullaby Trust   which all have a wealth of up to date information on many of the issues that are currently causing injuries to our children and are designed for parents and individuals to interact with.

They highlight many areas of risk which you may not be aware of, for example:

Liquid detergent capsules - The manufacturers make them look very colourful (and therefore child appealing) with the result that many of them look good enough to eat. And some children do just that, with horrific results. Link to Rospa advice note. 

Liquid nicotine from E-cigarettes - A relatively new threat to the well being of our children. Children have died swallowing the liquid nicotine and this product can even be toxic when absorbed through the skin.          Link to Mail on Line article

Home Safety Equipment Schemes

Depending where you are in the country, Home Safety Equipment Schemes may already operate. Many have inclusion criteria to apply and this may include the need for a safety assessment prior to the provision and fitting of appropriate equipment at your home. These schemes may be organised through the NHS, through the local Council, the Fire Service or through local charity groups. It is worth checking with your Health visitor or your local Children’s Centre.

Your local Children’s Centre can also be useful for alerting you to other services that are available, such as children’s activities, Dad’s clubs, job clubs and much more.

For advice on fire, fire escape routes and carbon monoxide, your Fire and Rescue Service will be able to help; contact your local Fire Safety Officer.

For road safety advice contact your local Road Safety Officer.

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