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About Kid Rapt

Kid Rapt Ltd: The Child Safety Specialists. . .

are a privately owned company established in 1992 specifically to service local authority led and government funded Child Injury Prevention programmes throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Our links throughout the nursery and safety industries give us a detailed insight into both current issues and the latest ‘best practice’ recommendations. By regularly attending workshops, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and presentations relating to equipment, accident prevention and reduction, we maintain our knowledge levels on information relevant to you; such as injury data, latest EN standards, legislative changes, accident trends and product recalls. All of these issues, plus many more, are critical to the type of equipment offered to your schemes and can be crucial in setting up the schemes in the first instance.

Whilst being an independent company, we do work closely with a number of the leading safety bodies including the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and the Lullaby Trust. We are corporate members of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and The British Standards Institute.

We provide knowledge, expertise, peer contacts, safety equipment and support to schemes who are looking to reduce accidental injuries in the home including incidents of falls, burns and scalds, choking, incidents of fire and CO poisoning as well many other initiatives.

Our clients also need us to be capable of taking a lead in the procurement and logistics arena. If required we can secure pre-planned manufacturing slots, and provide secure storage and logistics to suit any size of scheme, locally or nationally.

We do all of this and much more.

How we differ from conventional suppliers -

  • We provide a personal approach. As an independent operator, it’s our business and it matters greatly to us that you should want to use us again and again.
  • We do not restrict ourselves to certain manufacturers or suppliers. We are independent and so are free to scour the industry for the best products and the best packages.
  • We operate a secure members area on our website, where you can access a variety of information relating to funding, accident trends, independent project assessments, archived newsletters, as well as browse our online priced catalogue.
  • We administer our Delayed Service Agreement, which gives you an opportunity to pre pay for a future programme. Please talk further to us about this.
  • We do have our preferred suppliers, companies who are receptive to our clients needs, who are proactive when it comes to sorting out any issues and who agree with our customer service ethic. In the same way that we want you to feel a valued client, we like to feel that from our suppliers.
  • We can and do source products that clients have previously found very difficult to obtain.
  • We do not invoice in part, unless previously accepted by your project. We operate on a 30 day payment term and accept all local authority orders. We can accept orders by mail, fax or email. We accept payment by cheque or BACS or credit card.
  • Sample products are provided free of charge to help you and your stakeholders fully assess a product prior to purchasing.
  • We offer a consultancy service to our client base as part of the service.
  • We have a number of unique products that are either manufactured exclusively for us or imported into the UK exclusively.
  • In order to provide a more timely response to your orders, we hold adequate stock at all times.
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