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See the new POP-IT Lock

The present POP-IT Cupboard & Drawer lock has been a very successful product.

Kid Rapt launched it into the accident prevention arena back in February 2007, and since that time we have sold over 200,000 units. It remains a favourite with customers and end users alike, based on its simplicity to install and use and its cost effectiveness     SO WE HAVE GONE AHEAD AND RE-DESIGNED IT – WHY??

The main driver for change is the pending introduction of BS EN16948. The standard is for Consumer fitted child resistant locking devices for cupboards and drawers and it describes both the safety requirements and the test methods to be employed when testing the product. This is the first of a range of new standards aimed at the ‘small plastics’ segment of our industry. It is in all of our interests that products used in this sector are effective and safe. Of course, compliancy is not obligatory, and some manufacturers may choose not to develop compliant variants of their products. After all, its not illegal to supply a product that doesn't conform, but it is illegal to say it does if it doesn't. However, for our customers, the fact that the standard exists means it would be folly not to have a compliant product. So this is the back ground to the new style ‘Pop-it’ lock.

For us the process started some 18 months ago, and we have been working with a well known Nursery sector supplier, to develop this device to the position we are in today. The original product was very good, but this one offers several advantages. Whilst it still operates only on double doors or drawers, it is capable of being adjusted for some of the more common irregularities that we find in our kitchens. Different thicknesses of doors for example and the lack of a central support strut on the cupboard carcass. Sometimes these differences made the old Pop-it lock unusable. The new product also now incorporates separate brackets for stowing both the key and the knob for when either or both are not being used.

We are also taking this opportunity to introduce a push button release version of the lock, which is more suitable for use with younger children. One's where the extra security offered by a key is not quite so necessary.

In order to adapt for these variations, there are a number of extra component parts to the pack, not all of which will be used each time. This may make the product look more complex when you first open the package, but certainly, for our client base, who very often use fitting teams, the product remains very simple to install and use. Lastly, whilst EN16948 is now in existence, it may take a further 12 months for the accredited test houses around the world to gear up ready for testing. They have protocols to agree, test rigs to construct and procedures to draw up. This being the case it may be some time before you see the standard compliancy advertised on the product, but isn’t it good to know that its on its way?

We are very proud of the fact that the second generation Pop-it lock remains simple to install and use, and is cost effective. We believe it leads the way in restricting your childs access to cupboards and drawers in the home and we believe it will be every bit as successful as the original Pop-it lock.

Samples are available now. If you would like one, please let us know. Just email us at

The benefits at a glance -

  • Range of brackets to allow for a tighter hold on your cupboard and drawer fronts
  • An underslung bracket for when the centre frame doesn't exist
  • Red brackets to flag that the lock head is not in place
  • We know have a 'Push button' version of the device, for younger children



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