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'Childsafety' scam

We are aware of several people who have been approached over the phone by an organisation referring to the company name of Childsafety. It may be to sponsor a booklet, or to support a child based initiative locally.

From what we can learn, THIS IS A SCAM so beware. We have heard of bailiffs turning up at premises claiming unpaid debts, and we do know of someone who has actually paid a cheque to these people.

The term 'Childsafety' is a generic term, but it clearly features within our website and our domain name. Very often, after being approached, people will look up the term on Google and find us. We want to assure you that any such contact IS NOT FROM US. We do not and never have, worked this way.

If you are approached, agree to nothing. Inform your local Trading Standards, Crime Stoppers,, giving as much information as possible.



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