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Kid Rapt | Child with his grandfather

- KID RAPT Summer Closure dates

Kid Rapt will be closing our office at the end of business on Friday 31st May and re-opening on Monday 17th June 2019 for our early Summer holiday.

During this time only a skeleton service will be available via our warehouse staff.

If you are likely to need stock, please consider ordering ahead of this time. We have increased our stock levels in readiness for this.

During our break, if you do need stock urgently, call our office and you will be given a mobile number for the warehouse manager. Ruth will help if at all possible, but she will not have access to your past sales history, so unless you know exactly what you need, you may be better waiting until we return.

The warehouse will also be limited to sending out only what is currently in stock. Any new stock required will have to wait till after 17th.

We will still be answering emails whilst we are away, and our aim is to minimise any inconvenience to you and your schemes.

However, - we do appreciate your help in this matter.

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