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POP-IT is the Trade Mark of Kid Rapt Ltd Regd 00003111709

It is one of the most simple yet effective cupboard locks on the market. Designed to keep a double cupboard/drawer secure with one simple device - a easy to fit bracket and the POP-IT lock® which fits over the bracket;  released easily by the universal 'P' key provided.

Are you aware that many 'cupboard locks' in the nursery sector are really only child resistant catches’? Anything that releases the cupboard or drawer using just your finger is a 'catch' and as such, eventually, your child will work out how to defeat it. Just look in stores and on the internet and you will see lots of child safety 'locks' which of course are not.

A lock, on the other hand, needs a separate key to release it and as such offers a level of safety and security which cannot be matched by a catch.


The image shows how easy the bracket is to site - it is supplied with both an adhesive pad, to aid the initial positioning, and a pair of wood screws for final securing. The mounting bracket sits on the kitchen unit frame between the two doors / drawers. The POP-IT knob is pushed on the bracket and clicks into position. It stops the door / drawer from being opened.

Release of the knob is with a plastic ‘P’ shaped universal key. Keeping this out of reach of children is critical for the lock to be effective and experience has shown that hanging it on a hook at high level is the best solution.


If you are a member of the public, you can purchase these locks direct from Kidrapt via ebay

If you are a health professional or are involved in an accident prevention scheme, you can find the POP-IT Lock® in our online catalogue and you can place orders in the usual way.

Further versions of the POP-IT Lock® are coming soon including a push button version and one for use when you do not have a vertical bar betweeen your doors or drawers. Of course, as soon as we have these our clients will be the first to know.


The POP-IT Child Safety lock® has been used in the UK by us for almost eight years. During that time, over 135,000 units have been sold. These have all gone to child and home safety equipment schemes or one off safety projects throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales including the very succesful English and Scottish Home Safety Equipment



In that time there has never been one item returned - a testament to the quality and effectiveness of the product.

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